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Exploring a Guarantorship Model for Peace and Security in the Middle East

Pursuit of enduring peace and security in the Middle East has been an elusive goal, marked by complex geopolitical dynamics, historical conflicts, and multifaceted regional challenges. Middle East has witnessed a series of conflicts and tensions that have defied traditional conflict resolution mechanisms. Navigating this intricate landscape, a model that involves third party guarantors which will break this cycle by providing an innovative framework emerges as a compelling framework to foster stability in the region. By understanding roles and responsibilities of international guarantors and implications for regional actors, it could be possible to devise a path towards a more secure and peaceful Middle East. This session will explore components of the guarantorship model.

International Trade, Connectivity and Interdependence

In cooperation with the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Türkiye (TOBB)

According to the latest reports by the World Bank (WB), global growth is projected to slow down for the third consecutive year, from 2.6% last year to 2.4% in 2024. Reports cite the current half-decade (2020-2024) as the weakest half-decade in last 30 years in terms of global economic performance. International trade is likely to follow suit. As the world population crossed the 8 billion mark, the slow-down in growth and trade will have an impact on the world's poorest. This ADF Round session will ponder upon the ways to establish innovative yet sound areas of cooperation through trade and connectivity to re-energize growth and development agenda.

Our Common Future: Youth for Global Peace

In cooperation with Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum (ICYF)

The United Nations Security Council Resolutions on Youth, Peace and Security describe youth as one of the most negatively affected social segments by conflicts and that young people constitute the predominant part of population in conflict zones. This panel will mainly focus on the role of youth in sustainable peace.

Parliaments’ Role in Promoting Peace and Development

Confined to its traditional domain, diplomacy in its conventional sense has proved to yield better results when complemented by parliamentary diplomacy while tackling contemporary issues. Where conventional diplomacy fell short, parliaments began to shine, with their unique advantages stemming from being the voice of citizens. What can parliaments do to promote peace and assist peacebuilding efforts? How can interparliamentary dialogue help move forward global development efforts?

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